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Opens 3/1


Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts

THE ABCS OF BOOK BANNING - Sheila Nevins & Trish Adlesic, 27 min, USA (in English)

THE BARBER OF LITTLE ROCK - John Hoffman & Christine Turner, 35 min, USA (in English)

ISLAND IN BETWEEN - S. Leo Chiang & Jean Tsien, 20 min, Taiwan & USA (in English)

THE LAST REPAIR SHOP = Ben Proudfoot & Kris Bowers, 39 min, USA (in English)

NǍI NAI & WÀI PÓ = Sean Wang & Sam Davis, 16 min, USA (in Mandarin & English)

NR | 2h
 33m (full program)

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Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

Our Uniform – Yegane Moghaddam, 7 min., Iran (in Farsi)
Letter to a Pig – Tal Kantor and Amit R. Gicelter, 17 min.,
France/Israel (in Hebrew)

Pachyderm– Stéphanie Clément and Marc Rius, 11 min., USA (in English)
Ninety-Five Senses
– Jerusha Hess and Jared Hess, 13 min., USA (in English)
War is Over! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko – Dave Mullins and
Brad Booker, 11 min., USA
 (in English)

Wild Summon – Karni Arieli and Saul Freed, 14 min., UK (in English,
narrated by Marianne Faithfull) 
I’m Hip – John Musker, 4 min., USA (in English)

PG-13 (MATURE - Topics include the Holocaust, inferred child sexual abuse 
& violent battle scenes) | 1h 20m

Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts

The After – Misan Harriman and Nicky Bentham, 18 min., UK (in English)
Red, White and Blue – Nazrin Choudhury and Sara McFarlane, 23 min.,
USA (in English)
Knight of Fortune – Lasse Lyskjær Noer and Christian Norlyk, 25 min.,
Denmark (in Swedish/Danish)
Invincible – Vincent René-Lortie and Samuel Caron, 29 min., Canada (in French)
The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar – Wes Anderson and Steven Rales, 40
min., US/UK (in English)

R (Topics include murder, abortion, sexual abuse & suicide.) | 2
h 20m


American Fiction, written & directed by Cord Jefferson, in his directorial debut, is a dramatic comedy based on the 2001 novel "Erasure" by Percival Everett, The film follows novelist-professor Monk (Jeffrey Wright) who’s fed up with the establishment profiting “Black” entertainment that relies on tired and offensive tropes. Monk writes an outlandishly stereotypical "Black" book as satire, only for the book to be published to high sales and praise. R | 1h 57m



This Jonathan Glazer film, with multiple Oscar nominations, follows the commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höss (Christian Friedel), and his wife Hedwig (Sandra Hüller) as they strive to build a dream life for their family in a beautiful house and garden right next to the Auschwitz death camp. By dispassionately examining the surreally ordinary existence of people complicit in horrific crimes, The Zone of Interest forces us to take a look at the mundanity behind an unforgivable brutality. (German with English subtitles)
PG-13 | 1h 46m

Poor Things.jpg

This surreal, truly original and visually gorgeous dark comedy is up for mutliple Oscars & has already won multiple awards & accolades, including a Golden Lion, two Golden Globes - Best Motion Picture & Best Actress,  and being named one of the ten best films of 2023 by the American Film Institute & the National Board of Review. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos & written by Tony McNamara, the film, based on the 1992 novel by Alasdair Gray, tells the story of Bell Baxter (Emma Stone), a young woman living in a Steam Punk version of Victorian era London who, after being resurrected post-suicide by a brilliant but unorthodox scientist (Willem Dafoe), runs off with a debauched lawyer (Mark Ruffalo) on an odyssey of self-discovery & sexual liberation. R | 2h 21m


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Screening 3/9 ONLY


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